Wednesday, August 27


                                               HOT MOMMAS!  Literally mommas too!
                                                                Trevan and lovely Jude.
                                                     Beck and Ella (crazy girl)

Up American Fork canyon yesterday evening for a little cook out.  Both of my friends are such good parents and I love watching how much attention that can give to their families along with carrying on conversations.  You guys are awesome.  Becks, you food smelled delicious.  K, you smelled delicious!   :)  I know I know, my pineapple WAS delicious.  (and how cute is Jeremy?  I luff him!)


So this is a little bit late because Janelle has been home for over a month now, she is living in Logan going to school and well, her homecoming was years ago it seems.  I wanted to post these regardless because I love her so much and because I am really proud of her and the focus that she had on her mission and also because she is back home and it is SUPER good to see her again.  Nellers I love ya!  (These pictures were at the airport.  Jer was awesome to come along and support her)

Thursday, August 21


Melissa. I have to say props to us!  (I stole you picture :). 

Last monday Melissa and I scaled the the Timpanogus Mountain and hit the summit!   I would say that I have seen a lot of things, been to a lot of places, and squatted behind many a bush, but this was the FIRST time I actual hit a summit of a mountain.  It was a good time, thanks for the idear Melissa.