Tuesday, September 30

ThingS To My MOThER

Today I had the pleasure of shooting someone very important to me.  This is my mom and she is fighting breast cancer for the second time.  I was timid to ask her about this photo shoot because I thought that her answer would be no.  Without hesitation, she was willing.  She is so supportive of my creativity and I owe her lots.  So much of me stems from who she is and how she raised me (bad or good).  I think she is beautiful.  Inside and Out!

Sunday, September 21


So last week we were up in Montana with Merm, Melissa, and Rebecca + families.  The Latimer Family Cabin/Ranch/Estate is in a GREAT location.  Super close to Yellowstone, the Lake, and trails.  This was the first time we were able to just let our dogs roam free for multiple days and it was perfect because of the acreage they had.  They were SUPER exhausted by the time were in the car on the way to Idaho.  We stopped and ended up spending two and a half days in Idaho with Jeremy's Parents.  
I OBVIOUSLY don't do well with horses as this trip attested.  The combination of overdosing on my inhaler, benydryl and peppermint extract oil wiped me out.  I was not my self that was for sure and I apologize to my friendees for that!  I love you guys regardless!  Here are a few pics from the trip.

Wednesday, September 17

my FAvoRIte 3 . . . TaGGEd by KEnnAN!!!

I liked that Kennan added pictures so I will do the same and I expect it from those of you whom I tag!

you are all going to find out just how boring I really am by this! . . .

3 last purchases . . .
1.   thank you cards from the craft store
2.    a diaper bag. .hahaha, one day I will use
 it for a diaper bag but for now it will be a scripture/church 
(that really made me laugh)
3.   new cleats and soccer bag
3 last songs i downloaded to my ipod . . .
 Mark Farina, Emilie Simon, and Carla Bruni
(how about the last three songs others will know!)
gotta love disturbia by rihanna
dashboard by modest mouse
turn off my heart by rich price

3 favorite movies . . .
1.   eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
2.   life aquatic
3.   crouching tiger hidden dragon (beautiful!)

3 things I haven't done yet . . .
1.    gone to tahiti
2.    gotten prego or even tried
3.    decided if I want to get my masters

3 things I cannot live without . . . 
1.    jeremy (I am so cheesy, yet so honest!)
2.   organic apricot fruit leather
3.    my camera

3 favorite dishes . . .
1.    my special!  (green chicken enchilladas)
2.    the cosmo and surf and turf at happy sumo
3.    jeremys famous pasta

3 favorite tv shows . . .
2.   Lost
3.  The Hills

3 last places I traveled to . . .
1.   West Yellowstone, MT
2.   Rigby, ID
3.   Driggs, WY

3 favorite desserts . . .
1.   sour patch kids
2.   sour straws
3.   cookie ice cream sandwich

3 things I would buy if money were not an issue . . .
2.  studio
3.   a cabin 

3 wishes . . .
1.  for my mom to be cancer free
2.   no more money worries
3.   to be able to have babies when the time comes
or to be healthy until I die

3 people I tag . . .
1. rebecca
2.   merm
3.    melissa