Tuesday, September 30

ThingS To My MOThER

Today I had the pleasure of shooting someone very important to me.  This is my mom and she is fighting breast cancer for the second time.  I was timid to ask her about this photo shoot because I thought that her answer would be no.  Without hesitation, she was willing.  She is so supportive of my creativity and I owe her lots.  So much of me stems from who she is and how she raised me (bad or good).  I think she is beautiful.  Inside and Out!


Rebecca said...

Your mom is beautiful! and so brave. That is a great picture.

Youngs said...

Isn't it amazing how beautiful she is even without hair. I loved my mom with her short hair (1 centemeter long) just as it was growing in. The beauty shines through when it is not covered by hair. I wish your mom the best!

kennan said...

beautiful linds, absolutely beautiful.