Sunday, September 21


So last week we were up in Montana with Merm, Melissa, and Rebecca + families.  The Latimer Family Cabin/Ranch/Estate is in a GREAT location.  Super close to Yellowstone, the Lake, and trails.  This was the first time we were able to just let our dogs roam free for multiple days and it was perfect because of the acreage they had.  They were SUPER exhausted by the time were in the car on the way to Idaho.  We stopped and ended up spending two and a half days in Idaho with Jeremy's Parents.  
I OBVIOUSLY don't do well with horses as this trip attested.  The combination of overdosing on my inhaler, benydryl and peppermint extract oil wiped me out.  I was not my self that was for sure and I apologize to my friendees for that!  I love you guys regardless!  Here are a few pics from the trip.


annie and jared said...

cute pics- your hair is so long and pretty, makes me want to grow out my mop. you guys still playing on thurs. nights? sorry i haven't made it to a game yet, i had to work both times. but call me for sure next time if it is still going on. 913-4501

Rebecca said...

It was fun being drugged up with you. At least we could wheez together!
Let's talk about your pictures they are amazing...except for My FACE oh I look like I am 99 years old. But I love you next time I will wear a mask.

Jathan & Merm said...

HELLO FRIEND! Fun pictures. i really really just love the one of the lane. So cute. and who is the amazing photographer that took that pic of you??? Ha ha. That picture is so funny of me and my mascara under my eyes... don't mind the garmies. Ha ha. I am so sorry you are deathly ill to my cabin. I loved being in your pressence even if you were drugged up. I LOVE MY FAMILY PICS. AnD I LOVE YOU!

Grace Rich said...

Hey Lindsay Shaun!!!
I got your message it was totally worth the $2 I´ll have to pay to hear from you! I´m going to be here until Oct. 30 but we really must hang out when I get home. Thanks for the call and we´ll talk then, and it´s great that we can now be blog buddies too!!