Sunday, January 25


We are excited about our little addition.  Something even more exciting is how excited everyone is for us.  It was a long time coming, however I am feeling what it is all about to be preggers, like so many of my lovely friends.  Many of you have asked if I am feeling okay or getting sick . . . . not really but yes in a weird kind of way.  I am going to list off what I am feeling at this point (8 weeks) from most noticeable to least.
1.  TIRED!!!
I seriously thought that I was just getting into a sad slump because I hadn't been working in a while, so thank you to those friends that were reassuring me and letting me know you get SUPER tired first trimester
2.  BOOBS!
Thats right, my ladies are growing, it is gross actually.  I really don't want bigger boobs, but I will just look forward to nursing them back down to size.
3.  BEDTIME. . . 
Yeah, I don't sleep super well anymore.  I wonder sometimes if I get nauseous at night because I wake up numerous times not feeling awful, but definitely not feeling to good. (I wake up on average 5-6 times, not counting to pee)
4.  THiRstY
Just a little more thirsty than normal.  Oh how I love WATER
5.  PEE pee
I am slowly needing to pee more and more, but not too bad
6.  Loss of Appetite and FOOD
Certain things will sound good and then right before I got to eat them, NASTY is all I can think of.  All I have to say is heightened sense of smell and taste.  Some foods make me feel crapy after I eat them too.  No cravings yet!!  Wahoo

So I really can't complain.  I know that so many people get UBER sick and barf non stop, YUCK! Well not for me, at least for now (my fingers are crossed it will stay this way and not get worse)  I will feel pretty lucky if this is it!  

Sunday, January 18

blasted family genes

Thursday, January 15

Okay so lets talk
      I think about my little 25 year history and all the things that have happened and I have started to realize these patterns of blessings when it comes to stressing.  The past month I REALLY started to stress about life itself and our financials.  I recommitted myself and my faith in my Heavenly Father and you know what . . .  things have worked out.  HE IS ALWAYS THERE!  The cycle I always seem to be in is stress stress stress, pray pray pray, blessings blessings blessings.  This time around when I renewed my FAITH, I wasn't stressed! The cycle has changed because I am understanding more and more about how to draw on the powers of heaven.  Oh my, the wonders of the Earth.

Thank You

Saturday, January 10

thoughts come and go 
        ideas pass
borrowed time
        it enters


        step over the line

anywhere i want
        i want it all

Friday, January 2

ON to OH NinE

I am so excited about what Jeremy and I have decided to do since we aren't ones for RESOLUTIONS!  I have always thought that if you want to change something, then DO IT.  Don't wait for the next year to roll around.  This year we are trying it out however. . . .
All owed to a nutrition class I took this semester I am happy to announce our LIFE CHANGE!!!
(Jeremy stopped drinking soda about 8-9 months ago, cheers to you Jer!)
NOW it is on to what I call the NASTIES!  Yup that is right, no more treats, candy, sweets, & garbage.
Did you know the average american consumes 225 LBS of sugar a year.
Even more importantly did you know that 40 LBS is what is recommended!  YuCk
Not to mention the deadly dozen that is in SO much of the food we consume
like sodium chloride, MSG, Aspartame, food coloring, etc
So for us, it is to continue with a healthier life style that will 
keep us kicking a little bit longer!!

No Soda (of course)
No Nasties
Exercise 3 times a week (Jeremy)
Climb, Ski, Mountain Bike, Camp
Exercise 4-5 times a week (Lindsey)
Learn how to ski (Lindsey)
Walk Pilot and Mazzy 2 hours a day - 2 walks
Eat the GOOD stuff