Friday, January 2

ON to OH NinE

I am so excited about what Jeremy and I have decided to do since we aren't ones for RESOLUTIONS!  I have always thought that if you want to change something, then DO IT.  Don't wait for the next year to roll around.  This year we are trying it out however. . . .
All owed to a nutrition class I took this semester I am happy to announce our LIFE CHANGE!!!
(Jeremy stopped drinking soda about 8-9 months ago, cheers to you Jer!)
NOW it is on to what I call the NASTIES!  Yup that is right, no more treats, candy, sweets, & garbage.
Did you know the average american consumes 225 LBS of sugar a year.
Even more importantly did you know that 40 LBS is what is recommended!  YuCk
Not to mention the deadly dozen that is in SO much of the food we consume
like sodium chloride, MSG, Aspartame, food coloring, etc
So for us, it is to continue with a healthier life style that will 
keep us kicking a little bit longer!!

No Soda (of course)
No Nasties
Exercise 3 times a week (Jeremy)
Climb, Ski, Mountain Bike, Camp
Exercise 4-5 times a week (Lindsey)
Learn how to ski (Lindsey)
Walk Pilot and Mazzy 2 hours a day - 2 walks
Eat the GOOD stuff


Joshua - Melissa - Mason said...

I think I would rather just die earlier...Good Luck Girlie

Anonymous said...

No "nasties"? Oh, that would kill me...I call them the YUMMIES! That probably answers why I am not jumping into a string bikini...maybe I should follow your lead.

ryan + carly said...

lol barf and poo! so sad and so funny at the same time. dang girly, we really missed you, that's for sure. maybe next month?!! or maybe let's hang out without bunco being the reason. that's the best option, right? i love your face.

Rebecca said...

Alright I am going to go ahead and copy your resolutions exactly. So go ahead and bring your dogs over I guess.

micah and nic said...

you are going to walk your dogs 2 friggin hours a day?