Wednesday, March 26

mY MaZZY stAr Is BAcK

She is ALIVE, running and rolling, and is one little spit fire puppy!

Sunday, March 23


Easter. Easter. Easter.  I know that at Easter is about Christ and that is what we should be focused on, however I have always been so occupied by "The Hunt."  Ever since I was little, I remember Grandpa Christensen setting us free in the yard to find eggs.  He wasn't easy on us either, there were some tough eggs to find.  Yeah I know I am not the one doing the hunting anymore, but I sure am the one hiding them for the kids now!  I do a pretty darn good job too, if I do say so myself.  (pictures to prove it)  At any rate mom made a great dinner, it was super nice to see the grandparents.  I got a picture with them because I was thinking about how much I DON'T see them and it is unfortunate.  When I was dating I thought about the type of person I wanted to be married to and the person that I imagined was my Grandpa Christensen because he was always a strong, sturdy, stable, mellow, loving kind of man.  Now that I am married to Jeremy I can see how lucky I am to have found that.  My mom has even told me a couple of time that she thinks he reminds her of Grandpa.  Funny how things work, it's all about "The Secret!".  I do love my family!  I am super grateful today for them, especially right now thinking about them.  David I miss you tons and wish that you were closer!  Happy Easter Everyone!  PS, am I for real related to Chase?  I don't see the resemblance at ALL!

Friday, March 21


This is us in the vets office and I am having major flashbacks right now.  When we first got Pilot he was deathly ill.  It took $3,000 and a month of hydro therapy, IV's, and vet attention to get him back on his feet.  He had e-coli and pneumonia.  Sitting in the vets office with Mazzy was giving me serious anxiety thinking that might happen all over again.  In the end the vet said that they hope it is only an intestinal infection and gave me some medication.  The only problem is that she is still not doing well today and we have to go back to the vet AGAIN!  She just lays in her crate, pees on herself, drinks a tiny bit of water, doesn't eat, and can't stand up for very long before she collapses to the floor.  I know all of you are thinking how crazy I am for going through this with a dog and that I am probably wasting my time and money, however this is where I am at right now.  All my love and efforts get channeled to my dogs because I love them TONS,(one day all of my efforts will be channeled to my kids :)  until then. . . . Hang in there Mazzy!

Sunday, March 16


Some favorite pictures from Nicaragua
I recently just got back from a trip to San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua.  18.5 cordobas to 1 US Dollar, dirty water, no TP down the toilets, and a new outlook on life.  I spent some good time getting to know new friends and appreciated my time with them.  I also realized how much I have to appreciate here in Utah including Jeremy!  Jeremy wasn't able to go because of his new job and I do have to say that I appreciate him even more after this trip.  1 for letting me go, 2 for being excited for me to go, 3 for his support emotion, physically, and spiritually, and 4 etc. etc. etc.  
I realize now that I shouldn't complain about my old little 1920's house because people in Nicaragua live in little corrugated metal shacks.  I do think however that the states need to take cooking lessons from all of the people in San Juan Del Sur and if I could only bring the beautiful mix of fresh coco y limon ice cream here to sell, I would be a millionaire!  Chantel, Steve, Lynn, Natasha, Kim, Jess, jen MB, Faber, Miranda, Mirandas boyfriend whose name escapes me right now, Karen, and myself. . . . CHEERS TO A GREAT TRIP!

ThERe HaS Been PilOT anD WE HavE AddED MaZZY

There has always been Pilot in Jeremy and I's life, or so it seems.  He has become part of our family, of "us".  Last week we decided to add another part to "us" and her name is Mazzy.  I know I am crazy.  I have had days where I was in tears over Pilot, and now I have added this one to the mix.  She is a twelve week old Weimaraner, Pilot is a Vizsla.  
I took Mazzy up to my parents house today and she was watching me hold Mazzy in my lap and love her and she said "Lindsey, what you really need is a little one."  Now my mom doesn't talk to us much about having kids or pushing this because I think she knows that we have taken our time and are going at our own pace. The wierd part about that is that through out the day today I have continued to wonder to myself if getting Mazzy was the right thing.  I love her to death, but really, should we have gotten her?  Maybe I am using dogs as an excuse and/or my birth control, and by all means it is in an excuse.  They are so much work, and having two dogs is more work than I really imagined.  I continued the conversations with my parents about dogs vs my life.  There is no way for me to start having kids now, Mazzy is a pain in the rear because I am always cleaning up after her and feeling like I need to be with her every second.  I really love dogs but I am not sure if i signed up for the right thing.  Maybe I need to give her and Pilot away.  We will see where the wind blows us.

SisTeRs WeeKEnd

So I don't know who started the tradition but it has been a good one that is for sure!  I have been able to see sides of my moms family that I don't think I would have other wise.  My aunt LeeAnne is CRAZY!  One of these times I am going to take a video camera so I can show all of the people out there who she really is.  She has them all fooled that she is super sweet!  My aunt Michelle has AWESOME stories from her younger years that I would have never thought because she seems to mellow.  I also look at this Aunt and see a lot of similarities to my mom in her features.  At any rate it is a super fun weekend filled with laughing, teasing, competition, shopping, and really good food!  Cheers to Sisters Weekend.

Lets talk about Denali!

I just recently went down to St. George for our traditional "Sisters Weekend" trip.  The last two times I have gone down I have been able to take my niece Denali swimming, just her and I.  It is crazy how old she has gotten, the smarts she has, and how nice/sweet she is.  I remember when my sister Erin was in labor with Denali and I was so anxious to see how my sister and the baby were.  I laid on the ground outside of the door and stared at what little light was seeping through the crack under the door.  I tried to listen for any sound that I could identify with Erins' labor pains or Denali screaming out.  
Now Denali and I are BFF and we remind each other of that when we see each other.  I probably more than her.  She is the best little BFF I have ever had!

Officer Christensen

So this is my first posting and already I have a lot of catching up to do.  There just might be 4 or 5 posts today so be prepared.  
Jeremy graduated from the police academy last year and he started working for Mapleton Police Department at the first of this year.  He is really enjoying it and I LOVE seeing him doing something that he likes.  (Jers Story, hope he doesn't mind)  He told me before he even started the police academy, that he had always felt like he needed to serve his country because of things he was told in his patriarchal blessing.  He talked to me about different times through his life he had thought about joining, the process he went through, and the decision that seemed to hold him back.  Over a year ago we had moved next door to a police officer and chatted with him, and it made me ask Jeremy "have you ever thought about being a police officer?"  He surprisingly told me yes, when I was half joking at the question.  Later that week he ran into someone that was in the academy already and was able to ask him a bunch of questions.  Then he ran into someone else who talked to him about how the academy was starting soon.  He started talking to me about it and relating how he had always wanted to serve his country and how this was feeling right.  Everything was making sense to him.  SO. . . . 10 months later he graduated the academy and is now a sworn in officer.  I am proud of him!
Kind of crazy if you ask me, especially because he packs heat just when we go to dinner!