Sunday, March 16


Some favorite pictures from Nicaragua
I recently just got back from a trip to San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua.  18.5 cordobas to 1 US Dollar, dirty water, no TP down the toilets, and a new outlook on life.  I spent some good time getting to know new friends and appreciated my time with them.  I also realized how much I have to appreciate here in Utah including Jeremy!  Jeremy wasn't able to go because of his new job and I do have to say that I appreciate him even more after this trip.  1 for letting me go, 2 for being excited for me to go, 3 for his support emotion, physically, and spiritually, and 4 etc. etc. etc.  
I realize now that I shouldn't complain about my old little 1920's house because people in Nicaragua live in little corrugated metal shacks.  I do think however that the states need to take cooking lessons from all of the people in San Juan Del Sur and if I could only bring the beautiful mix of fresh coco y limon ice cream here to sell, I would be a millionaire!  Chantel, Steve, Lynn, Natasha, Kim, Jess, jen MB, Faber, Miranda, Mirandas boyfriend whose name escapes me right now, Karen, and myself. . . . CHEERS TO A GREAT TRIP!


Chase, Goldie, and Jax said...

I am so happy to hear you have joined the blogging world!! I miss you...and your pointing out of my "grow out"! Haha Not to mention that I had no idea that you were the mother of 2!

Jathan & Merm said...

Hey darlin. Your site is so fun to look at already. You are good you... good. I also had no idea you were a mother of two. I love the name Mazy... that was one of the names we were contemplating for little Zanna. So remember how I want you to give me photo lessons? Well what do you say?? I need them twice a month for two months okay. I will think of something to give you in return. I regret to inform you it may not be a tallent as I don't have one to share.. dang! So maybe like cookies? or I could make you a simple craft.. or something!!!!

micah and nic said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. stoked you joined, it will be way easier to keep in touch. Sounds like an amazing trip! What all did you do? What is your mailing address? chau.

brad and rebecca said...

Hello my friend. Did you chop your hair off or are those engagement pictures? If you ever cut your hair please donate it to me and I will sew myself a weave. I am glad you have a blog now when you don't answer your phone I can spy on you here. I love it I love you.
PS Why aren't you pregnant? Ha ha