Friday, March 21


This is us in the vets office and I am having major flashbacks right now.  When we first got Pilot he was deathly ill.  It took $3,000 and a month of hydro therapy, IV's, and vet attention to get him back on his feet.  He had e-coli and pneumonia.  Sitting in the vets office with Mazzy was giving me serious anxiety thinking that might happen all over again.  In the end the vet said that they hope it is only an intestinal infection and gave me some medication.  The only problem is that she is still not doing well today and we have to go back to the vet AGAIN!  She just lays in her crate, pees on herself, drinks a tiny bit of water, doesn't eat, and can't stand up for very long before she collapses to the floor.  I know all of you are thinking how crazy I am for going through this with a dog and that I am probably wasting my time and money, however this is where I am at right now.  All my love and efforts get channeled to my dogs because I love them TONS,(one day all of my efforts will be channeled to my kids :)  until then. . . . Hang in there Mazzy!

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brad and rebecca said...

Poor MAZZY I haven't even met you yet and you are sick on me already. I hope she doesn't cost you could have a baby for that hhahahahah I am your most annoying friend and you love me. You need to post a picture of Jeremy in his police uniform. That would be awsome. A couple days ago Ella took a pencil from a store and I told her that was stealing...she cried the rest of the day "please don't call the policers." So love ya bye