Sunday, March 23


Easter. Easter. Easter.  I know that at Easter is about Christ and that is what we should be focused on, however I have always been so occupied by "The Hunt."  Ever since I was little, I remember Grandpa Christensen setting us free in the yard to find eggs.  He wasn't easy on us either, there were some tough eggs to find.  Yeah I know I am not the one doing the hunting anymore, but I sure am the one hiding them for the kids now!  I do a pretty darn good job too, if I do say so myself.  (pictures to prove it)  At any rate mom made a great dinner, it was super nice to see the grandparents.  I got a picture with them because I was thinking about how much I DON'T see them and it is unfortunate.  When I was dating I thought about the type of person I wanted to be married to and the person that I imagined was my Grandpa Christensen because he was always a strong, sturdy, stable, mellow, loving kind of man.  Now that I am married to Jeremy I can see how lucky I am to have found that.  My mom has even told me a couple of time that she thinks he reminds her of Grandpa.  Funny how things work, it's all about "The Secret!".  I do love my family!  I am super grateful today for them, especially right now thinking about them.  David I miss you tons and wish that you were closer!  Happy Easter Everyone!  PS, am I for real related to Chase?  I don't see the resemblance at ALL!


Jathan & Merm said...

What a fun Easter. I can just imagine you out there hiding the eggs... you are a nut... tee hee! So I have been trying to stager my small pics on my blog and hello... why can't I do it? I did it on my last post but no.... it won't let me do it again!!! HELP!

Joshua - Melissa - Mason said...

Oh where oh where has my little Linds gone oh where oh where can she be?

brad and rebecca said...

Lindsey after all these years of being a devoted and loving friend and I still haven't been invited to your easter egg hunt. I need some money and those eggs would have come in handy.