Wednesday, March 26

mY MaZZY stAr Is BAcK

She is ALIVE, running and rolling, and is one little spit fire puppy!


Anonymous said...

Terrific photographs!

Jathan & Merm said...

She is such a cute little puppy! I too think the photo are terrific! It was so fun to see you yesterday. So sorry my childs boogery nose grosed you out... ya big baby! Ha ha! So I really wish you were not painting this weekend so you could come fondue with us. HElLO I am leaving soon.. so you need to start making time for me and teach me how to take a good picture!!! Ummmm really though can we plan a picture taking date???? I love your buns

brad and rebecca said...

Yeah for Mazzy! You should teach me how to be creative with my blog OK. I did also love seeing you. Even though I would like a gap baby. But you are great and I am glad you are my friend so LEAVE ME A MESSAGE just kidding I'm not.