Sunday, March 16

ThERe HaS Been PilOT anD WE HavE AddED MaZZY

There has always been Pilot in Jeremy and I's life, or so it seems.  He has become part of our family, of "us".  Last week we decided to add another part to "us" and her name is Mazzy.  I know I am crazy.  I have had days where I was in tears over Pilot, and now I have added this one to the mix.  She is a twelve week old Weimaraner, Pilot is a Vizsla.  
I took Mazzy up to my parents house today and she was watching me hold Mazzy in my lap and love her and she said "Lindsey, what you really need is a little one."  Now my mom doesn't talk to us much about having kids or pushing this because I think she knows that we have taken our time and are going at our own pace. The wierd part about that is that through out the day today I have continued to wonder to myself if getting Mazzy was the right thing.  I love her to death, but really, should we have gotten her?  Maybe I am using dogs as an excuse and/or my birth control, and by all means it is in an excuse.  They are so much work, and having two dogs is more work than I really imagined.  I continued the conversations with my parents about dogs vs my life.  There is no way for me to start having kids now, Mazzy is a pain in the rear because I am always cleaning up after her and feeling like I need to be with her every second.  I really love dogs but I am not sure if i signed up for the right thing.  Maybe I need to give her and Pilot away.  We will see where the wind blows us.

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Joshua - Melissa - Mason said...

You little stink you were supposed to call me at 12:00, I forgive you though! Anyway I see you have gone to the dark side and created one of these things ;) Love You