Sunday, March 16

Officer Christensen

So this is my first posting and already I have a lot of catching up to do.  There just might be 4 or 5 posts today so be prepared.  
Jeremy graduated from the police academy last year and he started working for Mapleton Police Department at the first of this year.  He is really enjoying it and I LOVE seeing him doing something that he likes.  (Jers Story, hope he doesn't mind)  He told me before he even started the police academy, that he had always felt like he needed to serve his country because of things he was told in his patriarchal blessing.  He talked to me about different times through his life he had thought about joining, the process he went through, and the decision that seemed to hold him back.  Over a year ago we had moved next door to a police officer and chatted with him, and it made me ask Jeremy "have you ever thought about being a police officer?"  He surprisingly told me yes, when I was half joking at the question.  Later that week he ran into someone that was in the academy already and was able to ask him a bunch of questions.  Then he ran into someone else who talked to him about how the academy was starting soon.  He started talking to me about it and relating how he had always wanted to serve his country and how this was feeling right.  Everything was making sense to him.  SO. . . . 10 months later he graduated the academy and is now a sworn in officer.  I am proud of him!
Kind of crazy if you ask me, especially because he packs heat just when we go to dinner!

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