Sunday, March 16

Lets talk about Denali!

I just recently went down to St. George for our traditional "Sisters Weekend" trip.  The last two times I have gone down I have been able to take my niece Denali swimming, just her and I.  It is crazy how old she has gotten, the smarts she has, and how nice/sweet she is.  I remember when my sister Erin was in labor with Denali and I was so anxious to see how my sister and the baby were.  I laid on the ground outside of the door and stared at what little light was seeping through the crack under the door.  I tried to listen for any sound that I could identify with Erins' labor pains or Denali screaming out.  
Now Denali and I are BFF and we remind each other of that when we see each other.  I probably more than her.  She is the best little BFF I have ever had!

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