Thursday, January 15

Okay so lets talk
      I think about my little 25 year history and all the things that have happened and I have started to realize these patterns of blessings when it comes to stressing.  The past month I REALLY started to stress about life itself and our financials.  I recommitted myself and my faith in my Heavenly Father and you know what . . .  things have worked out.  HE IS ALWAYS THERE!  The cycle I always seem to be in is stress stress stress, pray pray pray, blessings blessings blessings.  This time around when I renewed my FAITH, I wasn't stressed! The cycle has changed because I am understanding more and more about how to draw on the powers of heaven.  Oh my, the wonders of the Earth.

Thank You

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Youngs said...

Linds sorry I haven't replied to your last comment. If you look at my blog I haven't updated it since Nov! Anyway I got a job as the golf coach at Oklahoma State so we have moved back to Oklahoma. Kinda crazy. Stay in touch though, we would love to hear from you.