Monday, November 17


SO . . .
I went for a ride-a-long with Jeremy last night which was fun.  I always like it when I am in a police car, driving 80 miles an hour, lights flashing, and your on your way to help someone (medical call).  It feels good right :)  I can't really explain my feelings about Jeremy right now, but sometimes (I hope this doesn't sound bad) I feel like I am just SO SO SO (as in TONS) in love with him.  We always refer to it as being in-sync or having an"on" day just because sometimes we are off and sometime we are on.  I love him all of the time, right now I just am overwhelmed by my feelings I guess.  He is amazing and I am so proud of him.  I appreciate SO much the things that he says and does for me and how he treats me.  I am so blessed, really, to be married to him.  

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Rebecca said...

Wow that was gushy and I loved it. That is the exact same way I feel about Jeremy. I love you.