Sunday, November 30

So I came across this video while preparing my young women lesson and all I 
have to say is that I appreciate how lessons end up helping me so much and in so many ways.
This offers some ease to a changing world full of challenge, trial, and filth. 


I also appreciate that davidkat99 posted this on you tube.  
You can see and learn more about him at


Sharon said...

I think it's awesome you are serving in Young Womens. I'm sure the girls love you!


i AM in!!! I am so glad for the invite!!! let me know and I will be there!

Beck said...

Hey really random, but I have seen all the pictures you have been taking of everyones family and you are amazing!! You better believe I will be calling you next time I need them. Got to loose all the holiday pounds and then I will call you!!

annie and jared said...

love that video, very cool. i am totally excited about the team. i wish it was starting sooner because i am so in the mood to play. i hung out with heather (used to be matthews and is now farnsworth) and she wants to play too. it is going to be so fun. oh, and my sis allison wants in too. call me and let me know when you need money and stuff. i think you have my number, if you need it then let me know on my blog.