Thursday, December 11

I normaLLy LOVE THE HoliDAYS . . . however I SeriouSLY HATe EGG NOG - BARF

I just have to put it out there . . . I HATE EGG NOG.  Creamy, nasty, thickness running down my throat, NO THANKS!  This is about the only part of the holidays that I could do without.

This season is a little different than what normally happens under the roof of Lindsey Shaun.  Emotions are high to say the least.  Jeremy has about the WORSTE possible schedule ever imaged as a police officer on Christmas.  I will get to see him for about 5 hours total.  I know boo hoo, but there is more.  
 I am also feeling challenged in school.  I have realized this semester I have some changes to make.  Study, homework, habits, priorities, I am just figuring this stuff out and I need to keep it going.  I want and hope that I can transfer to BYU.  I HOPE HOPE HOPE.

TIS THE SEASON . . .  for stress, good cookin, good lovin, service, divorce, gratitude, shopping, giving, working, friends, parties, and much much more.  

All in all, I have to say that I am SO BLESSED!  My mom is doing so so so great.  She is done with her chemo treatments, had a hysterectomy, and is super optimistic, recovering, and seems happy all of the time.  I love serving in the young women's.  Jeremy HAS a great job that he enjoys, I shouldn't complain about the hours . . I know.  My photography is fantastic.  We have food in our fridge and cupboards and can pay bills.  I feel loved by my dogs  :)   oh and jeremy too.  I really don't have much to complain about.
Loves to ALL this Holiday Season.


Sharon said...

Wow thats alot to deal with anytime of the year, but at Christmas it really sucks. I hope all goes well. By the way I hate egg nog too. Yuck!!

Jason said...

That is definitely not fun. You can come over and hang out with us anytime, if you get bored or lonely when Jeremy is @ work. You guys are awesome and you will be able to get through it all!

Beck said...

Im sorry about everything that sucks!! Hang in there. And I am so with you on hating egg nog. Honestly I dont think I have ever even tasted it just looks and sounds nasty!!

annie and jared said...

sorry about the in-laws divorcing, that is a bummer. i am glad to hear that your mom is doing good though, yay. good luck with christmas and not seeing jeremy. at least we have soccer to look forward to right? have you heard any more about it by the way?

MPA first eleven said...


How are you doing? I deleted all the comments off my blog and hope you've done the same with mine? I still feel really foolish for doing that and apologise once again.

Where are you in the USA? Does it get cold and Christmassy there - snow and stuff?

Hope you have a nice Christmas and new year and don't get too affected by the recession. Police officer is a pretty recession proof job so you should be fine I'd imagine?


micah and nic said...

AMEN to the HATE of egg nog. I used to LOVE the stuff (probably because my mom hoarded it) and NOW... EWWW. I imagine all that thickness being the raw egg.

We used to do Christmas whatever day my dad had off. Weird, but fun.

ryan + carly said...

yeah, yeah. holidays schmolidays. lol what if i really hated the holidays! i have to say, i don't hate egg nog, but one sip is definitely enough. ok, so here's the deal with bunco. we changed it to a different night, so now pretty much everyone can always come. soooo....that means that we will need a sub few and far between. but, i want to still keep you on speed dial for it, if you are willing. please be willing! lol i love ya. let's play.