Wednesday, May 7

houSe frAzZle

I just want to blab about how big a pain in the BUTT (aka rear end) it is to sell a house.  I think it is the most high anxiety driven stressful situation I have ever had to deal with.  Really.  We are under contract and just got the appraisal back which is $2,000 under, yeah I said UNDER, what it appraised for when we bought it.  I know, I know, wrong time to sell, but it is the right time for us to move so what do you do?  If we get stuck in this house I will not complain at all.  It is a great house, I am just ready to be away from BYU, living on a not so busy street, and somewhere I feel like I can invest my time and settle down with muffins in the ovens.  I mean oven, we are not polygamist. Anyway, everyone pray for us that it will come through and work out.  I will pray to the real estate gods!

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Jathan & Merm said...

I am PRAYING to the real estate god's. You know wherever you end up going I hope HOPE and hope a little more that you end up close to me!