Sunday, May 18


a. attached or single:   attached!

b. best friends:   jeremy and erin, and i can't leave out the girlfriends. 

c. cake or pie:  never really been a fan of pie, lets go with yellow cake and chocolate frosting.

d. day of choice:   i really don't know my answer to this one right now.

e. essential item(s):   essential items for what is my questions!?!  i am with rebecca on tweezers along with my mac, cell, camera, deodorant, toothbrush, allergy medicine, and BIRTH CONTROL (i put that one in for your rebecca).

f.  favorite color:  right now it would be orange, lots of different shades of it too.

g. gummy worms or bears:   neither unless it is cinnamon bears.

h. hometown:   highland, ut

i. indulgence:   ?

j. january or july:   july, no brainer for me

k. kids:   none yet (we are getting closer, which still means awhile)

l. life is incomplete without:   ups and downs, delicious foods, laughter, and love!

m. marriage date:   october 14, 2005

n. number of siblings:   quatro,  ryan, erin, david, and chaser

o. oranges or apples:   this could be a toss up.  the apple has to be super crisp or its a no go and the orange can't be to dry and leathery!

p. phobias or fears:   1-not overcoming my weaknesses! this is big for me because i know that i have a lot of things to work on that will make me become a better person and wife and i am also stubborn and controlling.  i have fears when jeremy is at work when i can't get a hold of him.  i worry about him.

q. quotes:   "two roads diverged in the woods, and i took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."   robert frost

r. reasons to smile:   babies, sunlight, touch, and jeremy

s. season:   tough!  the winter is amazing when it is snowing and there is a silence all around you.  the summer is perfect with its sunshine and opportunity to stay outdoors all day long.

t. tag friends:   erin (doubt she will do it), brandi, and nicole.

u. unknown fact about me:   i have a fish named sam and i think the reason i have put off having kids is because i know how my parents were growing up and i don't want to be anything like them.  i also work with troubled teens and see how messed up they are because of their own parents.  its scary for me.

v. very favorite story:   jeremy and i going on our honeymoon to mexico and getting stuck in a hurricane.  yes, i clogged our toilet and i had to poop so i went into the ocean to do it.  the next thing i know it is floating next to me and jeremy is looking away in disgust!  (i know he was proud)

w. worst habit:   not one i can really control but if you wake me up and i am really not up, watch out.  i am a BEEZEE!

x. x-ray, ultrasound, or mammogram:   mammogram.  my mom had breast cancer and your chances increase when it is in the family.

y. your favorite food:   jeremys pasta that he makes!  it is to die for!

z. zodiac:   taurus


Rebecca said...

HOOray Thanks for doing my tag. I could kiss you. Thanks for throwing in the birth control thing for me. Loved it. It was fun to read it made me laugh especially about the part about your parents. I am sure that was not meant to be funny but I laughed that you dare put that. You are great and knock it off you will be an amazing mom. Until then you can borrow my kids anytime!

Jathan & Merm said...

HEY LOVELY LADY! I LOVED your comment on my blog. It just made me giggle. Ummmm yes come visit me. I live right by san fran and I know how you love that town.... don't you or did I make that up?? Well lady hawk... you sold your house? I did not know. Congrats! That is RAD. I know we did not play nearly enough and I am so sad about it. I need you every hour. Probably once a day I think "I need to call Lindsey and ask her a question" but then I never call. Maybe I am scared you will not pick up. Or maybe I am scared of what you will say to me. Ha ha ha... that was a joke. I am not scared of what you will say to me. Ummm I love you and this comment is a little out of control. It reminds me of when we use to hang out all the time and talk in all sorts of different accents. Yes, That is what this comment reminds me of. Goodbye friend. TTFN KIT WBASAP.

Jathan & Merm said...

Lindsey... what was the meat dish you served at your wedding? Do you remember? All I know is that I LOVED it and the sauce that was on it and I want to attempt to cook something like it. I mean really I would love to cook it but let's be honest... my cooking skills are far from up to par with the skilz your caterers had.


Anonymous said...

You guys are some serious hot stuff! Can I just say that your guys's invite for me to St. George was the best. Ansestor Inn breaking the bed. My Spring Break sunburn at your condo...need I say more?