Saturday, October 11

FarewELL SOccer SEAsoN

It always gets to that point where you are freezing your rear off on the field, no doubt!  BUT, no matter how bad the weather is I always hate the end of outdoor season because it is my favorite.  Last Saturday (when it was a torrential down pour) that was pretty miserable, almost as miserable as when I was on ODP.  Today was cold, but just right.  Farewell till next season!

Jeremy snapped this picture after I had gotten home from the game, I LOOK SUPER SWEET!  


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Rebecca said...

OOH I just love you and your sexy outfit. WOW I bet Jeremy wanted to make out while he was snapping that photo. I wish I had sweet soccer skills like you. I had to sweet talk my way on to the team in 9th grade. That was sad.