Monday, October 13

WhERE are MY STress Relievers?

So for those of you that don't know the little life of turmoil I have been living . . . its time to find out because I need to just let it out!  My work (Willow Creek School) went bankrupt so I lost my job.  This was super hard because I didn't have any control over this and couldn't do anything to fix it.  I was also really sad about it because I really liked everyone that I worked with and I invested a lot of time and energy into my position that I earned.  
So with the tides turning unexpectedly, stress has begun to seep into my life.  I need to get rid of the stress in my life, I wish I was like jeremy.  If I were to give you an analogy of Jeremy, he would be a brick wall and stress would be a rubber ball.  It just doesn't effect him, bounces right off.  Sometimes I think I stress for both of us which isn't fun, let me tell you.
So on-top of loosing/grieving my job came the choice of a new job.  I had three different offers which were all great and had good benefits.  One shined above the others and to everyone surprise it is a LONG and FAR commute.  What can I say, when someone's offer, location, and opportunities outshines everyone, its hard to even want to look at the other options.  Really though I feel super lucky and blessed to know such great people, have a talent, and receive such a great job opportunity.  So I am now working at Oakley School in Oakley, UT.  It is by Kamas for those of you who don't know where that is (above heber city east of park city).  It is a beautiful relaxing drive and I only have to do it round trip twice a week.  
Well to keep piling it on I have been juggling my new calling in church (YW Laurel Advisor), figuring out my new schedule with Oakley, going to UVU, homework for school, studying and TESTING (which I have sucked at lately) for school, launching my new website, booking potential clients, photo shoots, editing photo shoots (Merm yours is coming:), investing/marketing for LSC Studio, cleaning house.  MY LIFE IS CRAZY.  I can't wait until I am done with school, it is such an added stress and of course I take on too much.
I know I know I am a complainer and there are so many more people in the world that deal with much harder issues and juggling schedules than I, I just wanted to complain today.

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Grace Rich said...

Hey Lindz ... sounds like you´re crazy busy right now! But I think you´re one of those that you do your best work when your life is packed. Who knows, but good luck, and I´m going to make you fit me in sometime the next little while.