Tuesday, October 14

HaPPY 3 YeARs To us

It's crazy how time flies. 
(especially when all your friends are asking, "when you are going to have kids?" . . . . :)  

I would say that the last three years have been the best life changing years of my life.  I am married to someone that I could have only dreamed about years ago.  I remember when I was single thinking about how rad my grandpa was because he is so mellow, easy going, calm, patient and loving.  I thought, "I want to find someone like that!"  I don't think I really thought that it was possible for me because of how fast I move through life. . . . Well I will attest to the fact that our Heavenly Father listens to us ALL OF THE TIME and knows what is best for us, because my husband is everything I could want and more.  He is my opposite and my left hip.  He is patient, calm, relaxed, stress free, loving, caring . . . . . Jeremy I am super grateful for you and I love you.  Heres to another year sweetie!

Cheers to our marriage!


Youngs said...

You guys are s cute. I am SO glad you found someone so great! You deserve to be treated like a princess!

Ryan + Carly said...

linds! i love you. and i really am in shock that you have been married 3 years. why, it was just yesterday when you were telling me all about your crazy honeymoon! hehe, we are old folks so i can say that! you should come be a sub in our bunco group. we are funny. i bet you'd like us!

Ryan + Carly said...

omg omg i didn't even realize your cute header on your blog. so freaking cute. can you please help me make a cute one? i love it. i love you. i love pepsi.

Beck said...

Hey girl Im so glad to hear from you. You look like you are doing so good. You are as gorgeous as ever. Where are you living? We live in AF right by the junior high. Congrats on the 3 years!!
Lvoe ya

Heather Lee said...

Hooray! I'm so glad we're in touch. I loved that st. george trip! minus the part where I thought a helicopter officer was in the midst of sending my mom a ticket in the mail for going *way* too fast down to Vegas. I would totally be in for a reunion shindig. I love that you still play soccer! I wish I could.
Your mom is beautiful! I'll be prayer for her and the other's fighting with her.

Alan Crist said...

Lindsey, it was good to get your comment on our blog. I sent Jeremy an email about a month ago or so, but didn't get a response, so I don't know if he still uses the addresses I have. have him drop me a line at alancrist@gmail.com.

I dig your blog.

Alan Crist

PJ and Julie said...

hi lindsey! congrats on the 3 years! it was fun to "catch" up on what has been going on with you.