Thursday, October 30


I can't believe I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet!  I have been super crazy busy, maybe thats why . . . Jeremy and I had our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and it was Jeremys year.  Jeremy asked me to go get ready for the evening and told me we would be gone for 3-4 hours.  So I did of coarse.  Well we get on our way and obviously we are headed to SLC, then I notice Jeremy isn't going where I would have thought he would be going. (you see I like to predict that I know where he is going at all times, like hes an open book . . .  not today)  Then we arrived at PICTURELINE.  My favorite store.  Jeremy walked in with me stood very close, face to face, and said Lindsey I want you to pick out any one piece of equipment. . . . .  (and some other cute things) I think I had to pick my jaw up off of the ground.  He is so supportive.  He is so encouraging.  He is so loving and perfect for me.  And he did so AWESOME with planning for our anniversary   :)    
Cheers to my NEW CAMERA!
              (It doesn't ship until after thanksgiving, I CAN'T WAIT!)

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