Sunday, November 2


I didn't know what a good golf swing looked like until I started watching Jeremys and comparing his to people that tee off on hole #9 across the street from our front yard.  Most peoples swings just don't compare to this hot guys.  I am no critic though, I just love Jeremy.


Heather Lee said...

I have no clue what makes a good golf swing, but looks good to me. Now you need to put a video up of some of the others that T-off right by your house.
Steve is quite tall 6'8''ish. He makes me look like a total shrimp in every photo...not that I'm super tall, but I'm average I'd say, at 5'5''.
Holli is great, she lives in California and has two little boys. One is Holland's age, and the other is 4. I live in Orem, we should get together.
I loved the locks of love post, that's really cool. Is your hair naturally that blonde? Is it a rumor that your hair can't be dyed?

Jana and Taylor said...

Taylor got me golf lessons for our last anniversary so that now I can pretend I know what's going on in golf. So it looks good to me! I love that you cut your hair for locks of love. That is awesome! I hope everything is going good. Its fun to see your blog.

Youngs said...

Wow, great swing! Linds it's your long lost friend, Annie. I just noticed you commented on my blog. It's so good to hear from you.
We are doing great. We are living with my parents in Highland for now. I'm still doing the golf thing and Caleb is going to UVU.
Still no kids, hopefully sooner than later though.
I hope you guys are doing great!